Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Research Update - Team 1: Mindstorms Mechanics

Team#1 - Mindstorms Mechanics (M&M)
Team M&M's has defined their community as their school, and has chosen the traffic around and inside the school to be the challenge issue. They are researching what are some traffic problems around their school (PS144) as well as inside the school (stairways?). Yasmeen is checking with Russell Sage's YCPC group about any pedestrian traffic studies that was done around Forest Hills, and the process of stop sign petitioning.

Observation around PS144:
(1) Pre-K arrival is a main cause of traffic jam in front of the school. (Getting rid of Pre-K kids was not an option)
(2) Parents Double Parking
(3) Parents parking at the NO PARKING ZONE

Next Step-Homework assignment for next week:
(1) Mapping of the stop signs around the school (PS144)
(2) Interview with the school crossing guard and the school's security officer (Coordinated with the help of Nancy Nisselbaum - please remember to video tape the interview)
(3) Research stop sign/school sign petitioning process.

(Update submitted by Coach Lisa)

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