Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Robotics Update

Before the kids can tackle the game missions, it is important that they understand what the robot can do, and how to program the robot to do what they want it to do. So we started the season by teaching the kids the very basic of the Mindstorms Robot.

The NXT is an intelligent, computer-controlled LEGO brick and is the heart of any LEGO MINDSTORMS autonomous robot

The touch sensor enables the robot to feel and react to its environment

The sound sensor enables the robot to hear and react to sound

The light sensor allows the robot to detect light and color

The ultrasonic sensor gives your robot the ability to see, measure distance and react to movement

The servo motors , which can be used for partial angle or continuous rotation, ensure your robot moves with precision.

The kids has been getting familiar with the robots for the last 2 weeks, they now know how to make the robot move by programming its motors's rotation, and how to make it turn by sliding the steering between port B and port C. We also started looking at the different sensors. First off is the ultrasonic sensors that measures the distance. (the eye looking one)

The kids have successfully met the various challenges of making the robot move forward and stop 12" before it hits an obstacle, then it turns around and continue to travel. Then by teaching them the LOOP function, the kids were able to make the robot repeats the same process over and over for X counts or "Forever"(they kids all preferred to choose "Forever").

Next up was the Light sensor. Using the light sensor, mounted in the front and facing down, the kids learned to use the light sensor to measure the reading of the reflected lights coming from the tile or the black tapes that we placed on the ground. They then programmed the robot to stop or follow the line when the light reading is below a certain number.(The number changes depending on how far the light sensor was mounted above the ground)

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  1. I had problems with the programming mode on Macs using 10.5.8 and the NXT 2.1 programming application. When the Robot Educator was open it took a long time for the Programming Guide to change slide steps and then when the students began to build the program, the mouse would grab the icon to place in line but not let go. It would take a long time for it to allow the mouse to click on something else. Very frustrating while trying to build a program. Any ideas of what could cause this?