Friday, December 11, 2009

Robo Squad - Dec10

For Saturday’s meeting, these are your assignments:

Everyone needs to work on a banner idea for the newsroom’s logo—WRSN (the Robo Squad Network) that may also reflect our t-shirts.

We will be interviewing experts for our news broadcast. Come up with questions and answers so you can explain the process.

Marshall is the news reporter.

Brian will be the scuba diver who discovers the TDUs littering the bottom of the ocean

Feras will be the expert on transforming the TDu into a torpedo.

Jeffrey is the expert on homing devices—pingers, echolocation, etc

Patrick is the expert on robot submarines.

Michael will be the expert on the recycling that will be done once the trash is brought back to shore.

Sidhanth—we want to interrupt the news broadcast with a commercial. We were thinking of having an ad for the Lego submarine. Can you come up with a 30-second commercial

Mindstorm Menchanics - Dec 10

Hello all—

For this Saturday, we’re working on our science board. Come up with pictures of the failed ideas—cannons launching children into windows. Ramps going to the roof. Etc.

Also, Yasmeen, you need to draw the idea of the curved dropoff zone in front of the school. Maybe download a photo of the school and put you rpicutre over it.

Sharon needs to type out the petition and expand its content—where the crossing guard should be etc. Then we can use that to have people sign it—maybe at the next PA meeting.

Write out some ideas for how to act out the different scenes. How will you portray the chaotic morning, the failed ideas, the calm, peaceful morning?

Robo Squad - Nov 25

Hi Guys—

Stuff to think about and work on till our next meeting. I have the list of questions you all came up with for the retired Navy man we met on the Growler. I will send them off today.

For the presentation, I think you all liked the idea of making it a news report. The reporter tells the audience about submarines and the terrible pollution that they’re causing my dumping their trash on the ocean floor.

You need to figure out a way to show that dumping. If you want to be submarines and TDUs and act it out, that’s great. Can anyone think of another way to demonstrate the problem?

Return to reporter who maybe interviews some experts on how to fix the problem. Interviews a torpedo specialist who shows how to turn the TDUs into torpedoes (again are some of you acting this out in the background?) Interview a robotics specialist who talks about making robotic subs to pick up the trash cans, maybe involved an interview with someone who knows all about tracking devices that can be put into the TDUs.

Think of other people who can be interviewed for this news spot. Perhaps one of you can be an environmentalist who saw a submarine dumping its trash. Be creative.

Write down your ideas and some dialogue. Come up with ways to show what the reporter is talking about. Do you want to build Lego submarines so you use those for a demonstration?

Get creative!

Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you all on December 5.

Coach Nancy

Mindstorm Robotics - Nov25

Good morning all—

Attached is Rachel’s first attempt at writing a script for A Chaotic Morning. I think it’s a fantastic start and can’t wait to see how you all develop it.

We also talked about using a three-panel science board depicting A Chaotic Morning in the first panel, ideas we trashed in the second panel, and A Calm Morning solution in the third. You should be circulating you petition for another guard to your schoolmates and then we’ll get Reva to sign it (I checked with Miss Ellen and she thinks it’s a great idea).

The roles in the play we talked about are:
Yasmeen- traffic guard
Parent- Olivia
6th Graders- Henry & Rachel
Kindergarteners- Andrew and Victor
Drivers- Sharon and James

So you need to think about props. How are we going to demonstrate the drivers? Are the roles the right ones or should we trade some out?

The solutions you liked were making a circular driveway in front of the building, having 6th graders meet the cars at the curb to bring in the children (maybe we can make a no-parking zone all along Juno so there won’t be any double parkers, the extra crossing guard to help guide traffic and report misparked cars.

Think on this and come up with your own scenes and dialog.

Also think about music that can be played during each scene you talk about.

Gobble, gobble, and see you all on the 5th