Friday, January 15, 2010

Robotics Update - Jan 2010

After our marathon workshop on Dec 31, 2009, the teams are in much better shape for the tournament:
Robo Squad now has 3 robots, each with a different design. Patrick and Brian are going with the Tread design and is far ahead in the programming than the other teams. Marshall and Michael has a fancy hook design that is going to catch all the hoops. Jeffrey, Feras and Justin just finished building their robot, and is starting to program the robot for the marker mission.
Mindstorm Mechanics has 2 robots, girls vs. boys. The girls have a robot fully loaded with sensors, and a giant scooper in the front. The boys have a smaller scooper in the front, and is contemplating of adding some sensors too.
I am so proud of the kids for coming up with their own original designs. Remember always test the mission run multiple times, the robot must be able to consistently accomplish the missions in the exact same manner each time. Here is a tip, always start the robot from the same position at the base, build an alignment tool if that helps.
We will have another mini-marathon session on Monday Martin Luther Day, from 9:00 - 1:00 at the field house, hope you can all make it!

Happy Building!

Coach Iffat

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