Friday, January 15, 2010

Robo Squad Update - Jan 9

You guys rock! Your presentation looked good. I need pictures from you for the science board. Photos of TDUs, submarines, recycling plants, etc. Think about costumes and props. If you’re supposed to be a scientist, do you have a lab coat you could wear and some test tube or something scientific to carry? Brian is the scuba diver and I think he’s supposed to be carrying his wetsuit! I love it. I will get a microphone for Marshall as the reporter and perhaps a fedora or something to make him reporter-ish.

Please make sure you know your parts and have them written out on Saturday so I can make a complete script for Monday.

Also each of you is supposed to make a Lego submarine for our commercial break. Can someone write the commercial or come up with a theme song for Lego that you can all sing during the commercial break. It’s supposed to be silly and fun!

Good luck and see you Saturday

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