Friday, November 20, 2009

Mindstorm Mechanics (Nov 14.2009)

So I emailed Reva about circulating the petition for another crossing guard at Kessel and 69th. In the meantime you can start working on what the petition should look like. Yasmeen you should email the petitions you found to Victor, Andrew, and Henry so they can come up with a prototype for theirs.

In thinking about your solutions, someone thought the angle of the ramp going the roof might be too steep for cars to get up. A solution such as the spiral ramp that encircles the Target mall was suggested.

Another suggestion was a school patrol made of up upper-grade children, who would walk the younger kids no longer eligible for school buses to school. That way, fewer parents would be driving to school and there would be fewer cars to block the streets. Think about organizing these patrols. How would they work? Where would pick up and drop off points be?

Organize carpools.

Have 6th graders meet the cars on the sidewalks, take the children from the cars into school. That way parents won’t have to leave their cars in no parking zones.

You seem to like the idea of a play. Everybody is supposed to come up with a play concept. Assign character roles. What are you trying to present with the play. Come up with lines of dialog. This will not be accomplished in one weekend but get started and as we meet we can flesh out the roles and the lines.

We can build a model of the school, showing where we want to create ramps.

We can use a science board to outline the suggestions we rejected, such as shooting the children up to the classrooms with cannons.

Someone suggested we present this as a comic strip. Can anyone draw comic strips.

Yasmeen drew a great solution of adding a circular driveway to the front of the school so parents can drive in and drop off to waiting 6th graders.

See you tomorrow and sorry this came so late

Coach Nancy

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