Sunday, November 1, 2009

Robo Squad Research Meeting Update

Robo Squad has decided to stick to the trash aboard a submarine as what need to be moved and the problems it creates.

What I want each of you to do is study these notes and the possible solutions you’ve come up with and prepare a one-minute presentation about one of these solutions. Think about it. Figure out a way to make it work. Some of these ideas are crazy but may be able to be created so don’t think you have to be practical. A presentation means you have to stand up in front of your team members and talk so everyone can hear you without giggling. You need to state the problem and explain how your solution will fix the problem. Don’t limit yourself to the solutions listed here. If as you’re reading this, you come up with another idea that you want to try to work on, go for it.

What we’ve learned:

  • Trash travels through the sub and gets put into a unit called a TDU, or trash disposal unit.
  • Everything is compressed into a giant can made of galvanized steel.
  • This can is jettisoned out of the sub and sinks to the bottom of the ocean
  • There are also plastic bags that can be used but they’re better for short voyages as they can start to smell after a few days.
  • We’ve determined the problem to be that these cans are littering the bottom of the ocean.


  • Make robot submarines to come pick up the cans and bring them to shore to be recycled.
  • Have divers go down and make notes as to where the can s are located.
  • Equip the cans with a homing device so the robot subs can find them
  • Turn the trash cans into torpedoes that get shot out at enemies
  • Have the sub collect the cans as it travels back to port
  • Put giant mechanical arms on the sub that can be deployed when it’s time to pick up the trash cans
  • Turn the cans into an artificial reef for fish and other marine animals
  • Turn the garbage into fuel that can be used to power the sub.
(Thanks for the detailed meeting update from Nancy Nisselbaum, our new assistant Research Coach)

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