Friday, November 20, 2009

Robo Squad (Nov 14, 2009)

Think about ways that we can turn the TDU into a torpedo. How can we demonstrate that to the judges?

For using the robotic subs to find and bring the TDU canisters back to shore, Patrick found that we could put the pingers used in airplane black boxes in the TDUs as location devices.

Sidhanth needs to find out what else besides enemies torpedoes are used for. Are
they used for any kind of underwater investigation?

Jeffrey needs to find out what an airplane’s black box is made from.

Each child need to come up with a two questions for the retired submarine TSU operator we met when we went to visit the Growler.

Come up with a presentation plan. Do you want to do a play? Come up with characters and who would play those characters and what lines they would say.

Do you want to do a game show? What kind of game show. What questions would we ask? Would we ask each other or the judges or both? Come up with sample questions.

See you all tomorrow. And sorry this was late in coming to you

Coach Nancy

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