Friday, December 11, 2009

Robo Squad - Dec10

For Saturday’s meeting, these are your assignments:

Everyone needs to work on a banner idea for the newsroom’s logo—WRSN (the Robo Squad Network) that may also reflect our t-shirts.

We will be interviewing experts for our news broadcast. Come up with questions and answers so you can explain the process.

Marshall is the news reporter.

Brian will be the scuba diver who discovers the TDUs littering the bottom of the ocean

Feras will be the expert on transforming the TDu into a torpedo.

Jeffrey is the expert on homing devices—pingers, echolocation, etc

Patrick is the expert on robot submarines.

Michael will be the expert on the recycling that will be done once the trash is brought back to shore.

Sidhanth—we want to interrupt the news broadcast with a commercial. We were thinking of having an ad for the Lego submarine. Can you come up with a 30-second commercial

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