Friday, December 11, 2009

Robo Squad - Nov 25

Hi Guys—

Stuff to think about and work on till our next meeting. I have the list of questions you all came up with for the retired Navy man we met on the Growler. I will send them off today.

For the presentation, I think you all liked the idea of making it a news report. The reporter tells the audience about submarines and the terrible pollution that they’re causing my dumping their trash on the ocean floor.

You need to figure out a way to show that dumping. If you want to be submarines and TDUs and act it out, that’s great. Can anyone think of another way to demonstrate the problem?

Return to reporter who maybe interviews some experts on how to fix the problem. Interviews a torpedo specialist who shows how to turn the TDUs into torpedoes (again are some of you acting this out in the background?) Interview a robotics specialist who talks about making robotic subs to pick up the trash cans, maybe involved an interview with someone who knows all about tracking devices that can be put into the TDUs.

Think of other people who can be interviewed for this news spot. Perhaps one of you can be an environmentalist who saw a submarine dumping its trash. Be creative.

Write down your ideas and some dialogue. Come up with ways to show what the reporter is talking about. Do you want to build Lego submarines so you use those for a demonstration?

Get creative!

Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you all on December 5.

Coach Nancy

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