Friday, December 11, 2009

Mindstorm Robotics - Nov25

Good morning all—

Attached is Rachel’s first attempt at writing a script for A Chaotic Morning. I think it’s a fantastic start and can’t wait to see how you all develop it.

We also talked about using a three-panel science board depicting A Chaotic Morning in the first panel, ideas we trashed in the second panel, and A Calm Morning solution in the third. You should be circulating you petition for another guard to your schoolmates and then we’ll get Reva to sign it (I checked with Miss Ellen and she thinks it’s a great idea).

The roles in the play we talked about are:
Yasmeen- traffic guard
Parent- Olivia
6th Graders- Henry & Rachel
Kindergarteners- Andrew and Victor
Drivers- Sharon and James

So you need to think about props. How are we going to demonstrate the drivers? Are the roles the right ones or should we trade some out?

The solutions you liked were making a circular driveway in front of the building, having 6th graders meet the cars at the curb to bring in the children (maybe we can make a no-parking zone all along Juno so there won’t be any double parkers, the extra crossing guard to help guide traffic and report misparked cars.

Think on this and come up with your own scenes and dialog.

Also think about music that can be played during each scene you talk about.

Gobble, gobble, and see you all on the 5th


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